Friday, July 26, 2013

Mirroring Your Boss' Style

To mirror or not to mirror, that is often the question when it comes to dressing like your boss. Where is the line between mimicking which leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth and doesn't allow your authentic self to shine, and when is it a good practice to align with the company mission, and clothing/attire just being one more element of that team player spirit?

It's sometimes a tough call, one thing is for sure; fit, flattering, and focus on being yourself, must be top of the list, but definitely dressing within a culture is a very important aspect of bonding. Want to go deeper into the sartorial question? Read this Wall Street Journal blog (which I am quoted in) from some of the top experts in personal and professional development.

Lois Barth
Motivational Speaker, Coach and Expert

Friday, May 17, 2013

Taking the Mess out of Stress and Turn it into a Success

When we usually speak of Stress, our shoulders are up to our ears, our breathing is shallow, and our stomach is in knots, but it doesn't have to be. 

Stress can be a positive thing; a dynamic tension between where we are and where we want to be, but we have to learn the techniques with which to do that with AND adopt a mindset that is aligned with that. 

Want to learn more about turning Bad Stress into Good Stress, read this article, Turn Bad Stress Into Good, which Stress Management Speaker and Coach, Lois Barth, has been quoted in, about how to make that change happen.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Think Stress is an Equal Gender Offender, Think Again.

The war or comparisons between the sexes are alive and kicking, especially as it speaks to Stress. Think that your wife overreacts when you forget to take the dog out, or the garbage can to the front? What about your husband, who is glued to the dial and the remote is now surgically inserted into his palm, who is just trying to guard off the stress from a really tough day at the virtual office.

Think again.

Stress effects genders in very profoundly different ways, and to a far different degree. Want to understand “the other sex” when it comes to stress, so you don’t lose it at the dinner table.

Read this wonderful Wall Street Journal article by Sue Shellenbarger about how stress impacts both genders in different ways and to different degrees. I was honored to provide a few quotes for the piece as well.

Lois Barth
NYC Stress Management Coach

NYC Life Coach Lois Barth Quoted in the Wall Street Journal

Are You Hard-Wired to be Wired?

Guess what? There’s help on the way. While stress impacts all of us in many different ways, people who are HSP, highly sensitive people experience stress in a more profound and often potentially dangerous way. Are you somebody who is a type AAA? I don’t mean the Automobile Club of America either.

Statistics are that 15-20% of the nation’s population fall under the HSP category, people who let stress get to them, and as a result they are more prone to health conditions, career challenges and a host of other issues, but knowing your wiring allows you to feel less wired when it comes to dealing with stress.

Got stress? Read this wonderful Wall Street Journal article by Sue Shellenbarger about the impact on stress for HSP and what to do about it. I was honored to provide a few quotes for the piece as well.

Lois Barth
NYC Life Coach